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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP & CRM Software ) is a system that incorporates all departments and capacities over a business into a solitary framework while as yet serving every department’s particular needs. We provide highly customizable  ERP system which is specifically customized for Manufacturing, Transport, Hospitality and Business services domains. .It is intended to enable organizations to settle on more astute choices, serve their clients better, and work all the more effectively by and large via mechanizing procedures and work all the more proficiently by and large via computerizing procedures and work processes.


ERP & CRM Software

ERP gives important information and analytics that will enable you to comprehend your clients better and will give you understanding that you can use to tailor your marketing system. It additionally makes it simpler to discuss successfully with your clients and give better client administration.

Highly customizable ERP system
ERP  is important because it can facilitate the following:

These advantages lead to higher profitability, increasingly productive tasks, and diminished mistakes.

Odoo is such a Vast  ERP platform that First  it is better to gain information about its functions & technical know how before finalizing its implementation in the business. In many cases, you can  discover difficulties in implementing Odoo due to many hindering factors such as low budget, restricted resources, small scale business, insufficient employees, lack of suitable imaginative and prescient and many more. Odoo implementation without acceptable preparation might also lead returned to square one. That will cost your wast amount of time and money. So it is recommended to approach a good Odoo guide prior to implementation.

Our Odoo experts act as your well wisher, will grant you the great consultancy to deliver forth your business.We carefully study your enterprise tactics and work on it by analyzing, drafting a conceptual architecture, designing, defining strategies, producing reports, mapping all of them to enhance a whole system for your business. Our specialist can be head who deals with the selection and implementation of fine viable Odoo modules for your machine and commercial enterprise re-engineering for your organization.

ERP & CRM software company by Whiz IT’s has been deployed for more than 25+ clients across Manufacturing, Transport, Hospitality and Business services domains in countries US, UK, Middle East, Europe etc

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