What Is Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development is a massive, committed method for developing business applications. These are sophisticated, tailored software for critical business needs, and can be distributed on the web, through enterprise networks, intranet, etc. Designing and implementing these software for businesses means picking hundreds or thousands of separate requirements.

How are Enterprise Applications Different ?

Business applications are large multi-user, multi-developer and multi-component systems that can function on big chunks of information and use extensive parallel processing, decentralized network resources, and complex paradigms.These applications can be implemented across multiple platforms, and run seamlessly with many other systems. Enterprise-oriented business applications are deployed to meet specific business needs. These represent business policies, processes, rules and entities, and are built with a view to unique business needs. Thus, in the context of enterprise application development software, such features require special tools to meet their unique needs.

Traditional Enterprise Application Development and their Shortcomings

While traditional methods for developing applications have clear goals, predictable expectations and measurable development progress, they take time, have minimum iterations and are not engaging very directly with our clients. Therefore, conventional methodologies of Enterprise application development can not meet the requirements of modern business applications. Not only are web apps struggling, conventional methodologies are not the perfect fit also for the development of mobile applications.

Some of their shortcomings are :

    1. These applications are continuous and predictable, follow the linear flow and make it hard to change it in time.
    2. Due to high lead times and time demand, applications are poor in efficiency.
    3. Designing The framework requires detailed documentation and evaluations by developers at all levels. Then, obviously, business paradigms take a seat.
    4. The user or the customer is involved at the beginning during the requirements stage and then at the end of the delivery during the acceptance stage of the user. The user is not actively involved in the intermediate phases, which lead to many changes in the end, thus increasing costs and time.
    5. Elements must be designed and constructed from the ground up in accordance with the requirements of the project and are therefore not reusable.

It can therefore be summed up that today, Enterprises are looking for better methodologies, as conventional techniques could not have achieved much success.

Key Trends in Enterprise Application Development

Usability (UX)-In terms of enterprise architecture, usability is the standard for today.  Users expect their applications to be more intuitive and to provide content that is more relevant to their own business needs. In the coming year, developers will need to focus more on ease of use and responsive design.

IT consumption– IT consumption has changed the changing landscape of Enterprise Application. Today, technology is focused on customers. Imperatives of business are extremely important.

Resource Computing (cloud), horizontal scale – Applications are hosted today, which are developed and adapted to the web. To consumers who build business technology, cloud computing has improved flexibility and easy operation.

Rapid Delivery and Low-code Growth – The new trend in enterprise is RAD or Low code growth. Minimum coding makes the creation of business applications more central and convenient. At each stage of development, customers participate.

Loose Coupling (APIs, Microservices, Composable Architecture)– Enterprises applications are supplied as an individual runtime service with a well-defined API by implementing Loose Coupling and Microservices. Microservices allows smaller incremental changes to an application to be made more quickly.

Choosing the right enterprise application development company

Modern business application developers focus on reducing application development times and at the same time tackle a variety of other issues relevant to modern web applications required by today’s modern business. In terms of timeframe, cost and usability, modern day applications need to be easy. We refer to it as rapid development of applications and it gives stress on below things:

Ready-made Application Infrastructure: Enterprise application development company should have a browser-based development environment. No further trouble with installation, setup, ongoing configuration, etc.

Usability: it is possible to develop good-looking and rich interactive user applications. Increased attention to creating pixel-based, perfect responsive UI applications for both desktop and mobile devices. They should focus on this aspect more prominently

Full Stack Development: By leveraging up-to-date client side frameworks and server side technologies, Modern RAD is now capable of auto-generating code for the entire application (client side, server side as well as integration of touch points to external systems and services via APIs). Companies should have a good set of resources who are experienced in full stack development and you should hire such full stack developers only.

Predetermined best of raw technology stack: Organizations should provide the best verified software components for application development as a technology stack. This helps to reduce concerns about companies having to maintain multiple teams to support complex permutations of technology stacks.

Company Simplifying the application process so that knowledgeable business user can work with professional developers in the production of this application. Business user involvement in designing the application should be possible. When business users come with domain knowledge and can check the implementation as it is developed, companies benefit greatly.

API-led integration: offering an REST API-based integration solution so that the application can easily integrate into an internal, external and cloud-based infrastructure. This makes for quicker, simpler production and stops the wheel from being reinvented again.

Whiz IT Services – the Best enterprise application development offshore partner of you

Whiz IT Services is an experienced organization in rapid application development that specializes in the development of enterprise-grade web and mobile apps. With more than 10 years of market presence, we have provided to some of the best companies from industries such as Manufacturing, Transportation and retail. 

Whiz IT’s technology methodologies revolutionise how we build, produce and operate modern custom applications, boost business efficiency and drive innovation. We leverage the latest trends and innovations in Rapid App Development (RAD) such as multi-device auto-responsive interfaces and module app integration, Docker for System-Optimized Container Deployment on Private Network, and APIs and Microservices Architecture (MSA) for flexible integration.

Key Specializations of Whiz IT services  are :


  • Digital creation that delivers web and mobile apps at business pace 
  • Fast conversion of legacy applications based on proprietary technologies such as Lotus Notes, MS Access, Oracle Forms, etc.
  • Centralized handling for all software with simple continuous integration and release management.
  • Future-proof development based on open standards and technologies


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