WAIP is platform is a bridge between Artificial intelligence , IoT and your company’s ERP or CRM system. The WAIP devices platform is an ideal location to access the data and then it will be sent to WAIP core platform for processing, once its analysed by core system then it will be available for ERP or CRM for analytics. 

The system can be integrated with various ERP or CRM’s services via API or web interfaces or can be directly integrated to Whiz IT Services homegrown platform called Whiz ERP. 

Whiz intends to use this WAIP platform for hospital security management where unauthenticated access may create problems for patients and security of newborns in delivery wards.

The system will analyse the continuous camera activity, identify people which visits as per schedules and staff of the hospital and their routine, so when initially Staff X comes regularly at 10 AM then after few days system will start unlocking the door for X automatically while if someday he brings an unidentified person with him, the door will be kept locked until next instructions.

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WAIP has Main 5 parts

WAIP has Main 5 parts

  1. Devices Platform
  2. Core Platform
  3. Core
  4. Third Party Integrations
  5. Cloud
  • Devices Platform

WAIP devices platform will be and IoT Device carefully crafted with integration of various devices like Camera, Controllers, Sensors, Actuators, Receivers, Routers Hub so forth and so on. Basically the camera will capture the images and Ans Processor will send it to Core Platform.

Once the data is processed the core will take decision about opening the door and it will be sent to controller, based on instructions the controller will either unlocks the door or does nothing. The IoT Device is a complete package. 

  • Core Platform

The WAIP core has an IoT Data Processing unit, And various Channels or protocols which ensures flawless communication and specifically developed for IoT communication. It has additional modules for security which ensures security for data security.

  • Core

Core receives data from WAIP core platform and analyzes it with the help of AI processor, once the processor finishes its job, the message processor will take lead and create a message for core platform and device platform, the message data analyzer detects it and generates signals for locking or unlocking the door.

AI processor employees Training and Classification methods and it keep improving itself day by day which minimises errors in automated process. THe AI Processor is a very important part of the flow and needs big amount of data to train itself

  • Third Party Integrations

The Platform provides a way to integrate the WAIP platform with various third party systems. System Provides API’s and web interface to integrate itself with third part applications. It has special integration with Whiz IT’s own platform called Whiz ERP and we have used full funciality of the platform for it.

  • Cloud

Whole platform is Cloud based to ensure 24X7 uptime and 100% security so that platform works 100% independently once deployed.